ManufacturerZ-Man Games
Ages10 and up.
# of Players3-4
Play Time75 Minutes

Spectral Rails

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Players are Engineers of Ghost Trains traveling through the American Southwest. Each player uses their standard set of Ether cards (1-4) to move, picking up souls and delivering them to Ghost Towns. As you move, you expend Ether to lay track behind. Other players can move along on your Ether track for free, but you may never travel along your own Ether.

As you lay down more track, your old Ether disperses -- you can pull up your track to clear the way for yourself or to leave someone in the lurch.

A portion of the game revolves around managing your discard pile, as you only get half of your ether cards back each turn. But most of the game comes down to proper planning along with timing your movement to take advantage of what other people have left you, while trying to disallow easy passage for others.


  • 1 full-color, double-sided game board
  • 1 full-color rule book (8 pages)
  • 4 Ghost Train Mats
  • 4 Wooden Ghost Trains
  • 52 Ether Trail Segments
  • 4 decks of 9 Cards
  • 8 Ferryman Coins
  • 54 Soul Lost Soul Tiles
  • 6 Train Wreck Markers
  • 1 Spirit Leader Marker w/ Plastic Base