Ages13 and up.
# of Players2-4
Play Time60 Minutes


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Balance the needs of your nation against the cost of progress, and lead your country to an age of prosperity! Manage a country on the rise as it discovers new technologies, builds new roads, invests its capital, and balances its needs against its environmental impact in Prosperity.

Prosperity is essentially a tile-laying game. Players have limited space for tiles on their individual boards, especially since the tiles and spaces are color-coded, but players can cover existing tiles, if desired, losing any benefits (or penalties) in the process. Some parts of the individual board are off-limits to new infrastructure until you first provide transport; toll roads, highways and even train systems have drawbacks of their own, but ideally you'll be able to build your way past those trouble spots without causing too much pollution.

When the final tile is drawn, that player finishes his turn, then everyone scores: twice for their energy and ecology levels, one for capital (with money being converted into prosperity points), once for research on both tracks (with points for those researching the most), and once for prosperity. Whoever tallies the most prosperity points wins!