ManufacturerGoblin Army Games
Ages8 and up.
# of Players1-4
Play Time30 Minutes

Monolith - The Strategy Game

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Monolith is a fast-paced and confrontational worker placement game.

To set up, the game board is seeded with five Starting Rune cards, six Rune cards at random, and one randomly-drawn Fate card. One player starts with the Primus Token (and randomly determines the starting "Round 1" card), while all other players receive one Skill card or one gem.

Players then take turns placing or socketing one die at a time onto a Rune card of their choice, yielding Skill and Power cards, gems or victory points, and they can even attack other players. After all dice have been placed, the cards on the board are resolved in sequential order. As each die is removed, the effect of that placement is resolved. This sequence makes for exciting combinations and rewards strategic play.

All resources of the game are finite, so players need to play carefully in order to avoid wasting placements. The game ends after five rounds or immediately if any player reaches Victory on the Score Track.