ManufacturerGryphon Games
Ages13 and up.
# of Players3-5
Play Time60-90 Minutes

Zong Shi

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In a large town in old China, several talented artisans, Masters in their own right, aspire to become recognized as Zong Shi - the Grand Master craftsman. You are one of these Master artisans, and together with your Apprentice, you are competing with the other Masters to attain this elevated status in the town. To succeed, you'llhave toimpress the townspeople with your skills.

How shall you do it? Will you acquire a specialist's mastery over cretain material, or will you enlarge your workshop? Will you create a large number of smaller projects or will you build fewer, but greater, masterworks? That is for you to decide.

Zong Shi blends worker placement, resource management, project completion and special action cards. Manage your opportunities better than your rival Masters, and you will become the town's new Zong Shi!

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