ManufacturerZ-Man Games
Ages12 and up.
# of Players1-5
Play Time180 Minutes

Agricola + Expansions Bundle

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This bundle includes all of the following:

Agricola (Z-Man)
Agricola Farmers of the Moor
Agricola: NL-Deck
Agricola Belgium Deck

Agricola (Z-Man)

In Agricola, you're a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one for you and one for the spouse, from all the possibilities you'll find on a farm: collecting clay, wood, or stone; building fences; and so on. You might think about having kids in order to get more work accomplished, but first you need to expand your house. And what are you going to feed all the little rugrats?

The rules include a beginner's version and an advanced version.Agricola is a turn-based game. There are 14 game turns plus 6 harvest phases (after turn 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 14). Each player starts with two playing tokens (farmer and wife) and thus can take two actions per turn. There are multiple options, and while the game progresses, you'll have more and more: first thing in a turn, a new action card is flipped over.

Each action can be taken just once per turn, so it's important to do some things with high preference. Each player also starts with a hand of 7 Occupation cards (of more than 160 total) and 7 Minor Improvement cards (of more than 140 total) that he may use during the game if they fit in his/her strategy. This amounts to countless strategies, some depending on your card hand. Sometimes it's a good choice to stay on course, sometimes you better react on what your opponents do.

Agricola can also be played without cards (family game) and can even be played solo.


  • 360 cards
  • over 300 wooden components
  • 50+ tiles
  • 9 boards
  • tokens
  • scoring pad

Agricola Farmers of the Moor

Life is not easy for a Farmer on the Moor: each player starts the game with 5 Forest and 3 Moor tiles on their farm (1). Fortunately, though, there are new Special actions, which allow players to make even these areas usable (2): "Fell Trees" provides an additional 2 Wood, "Slash and Burn" converts a Forest tile to a Field, and a player who "Cuts Peat" receives 3 Fuel.

This expansions adds Fuel (3) as a new, extra currency in the game (beside Food). Players need it top heat their homes during the Harvests. Heating costs are reduced through renovation, so there is reason to renovate early in the game. Players are rewarded well for horse breeding: each horse is worth 1 point at the end of the game.

14 additional Major Improvements (5) are added in "Farmers of the Moor". There are new Special actions allowing users to acquire Imrpovements (6). Players can also choose to play with the additional Minor Improvements (7) that are included with this expansion. This gives the "Farmers of the Moor" expansion some of the variety in gameplay that has made the basic game so popular.

  • 2 Game board extensions
  • 1 Infirmary
  • 25 Horse tokens
  • 27 Fuel
  • 42 Moor/Forest tiles
  • 1 Tombstone token
  • 4 "1 usage/Bed" tokens
  • 1 green arrow/minus token
  • 6 "1 usage/not yet in use" tokens
  • 6 Field tiles
  • 10 Special action cards
  • 9 Start cards
  • 14 Major Improvement cards
  • 118 Minor Improvements (2 decks)
  • 2 Deck cards
  • 1 Scoring pad
  • 1 Rulebook

Agricola: NL-Deck

Play Agricola with a new thematic setting! Discover the Netherlands - a small country with more than just the stereotypical windmills, cheese and tulips.

The NL-Deck for Africola is a new set of cards for Uwe Rosenberg's boardgame hit. The 60 Minor Improvements and 60 Occupations can be played as a stand-alone deck or shuffled into other decks.

Agricola Belgium Deck

Agricola: Belgium Deck brings Uwe Rosenberg's farming game to a new thematic setting! Discover Belgium's two largest regions – the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders in the north and the French-speaking region of Wallonia in the south – in this 120-card set that consists of sixty new Minor Improvements and sixty new Occupations.

Agricola: Belgium Deck can be played as a standalone deck or shuffled into other decks.

Requires the Agricola core game to play this expansion deck.

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