Markorama Games & Hobby is now Open in Franklin, NJ

If you're in Sussex or Morris Counties (or anywhere near northern NJ), please stop by and visit our retail store on Main Street in Franklin.

We are located next to the Franklin Library. Ample parking is available accross from the Library.

Markorama Games & Hobby
111 Main Street
Franklin, NJ 07416

Phone: (973) 823-8111

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday - Closed
  • Monday - 2:00-9:30
  • Tuesday - 2:00-9:30
  • Wednesday - 2:00-9:30
  • Thursday - 2:00-9:30
  • Friday - 2:00-11:00
  • Saturday - 12:00-10:00

Please Note: Closing times are not fixed and may be later than specified to allow games to finish.

Schedule of Events

Weekly Events:

  • Monday:Magic League (Open Magic Play Any Format)
  • Wednesday: Pathfinder
  • Thursday: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign
  • Friday: Open Gaming / Friday Night Magic
  • Saturday: Feature Game / Open Gaming

Warhammer Players: We have a dedicated play area with 2 4x8 tables ready for use with terrain.

Sell it on eBay

  • We are a Sell it on eBay drop off location. Need Cash? Bring your items here and we'll sell them for you.
  • You receive 70% of the sale after all fees are paid.
  • Use our expertise and our Top Seller Status to get you the best price for your items.
  • Minimum value of $100 items in good condition will be accepted for consignment.