ManufacturerRio Grande Games
Ages10 and up.
# of Players2-4
Play Time60 Minutes

Thurn and Taxis

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In Thurn & Taxis, players build post office routes across Bavaria and the regions around, collecting bonus points in various ways. The board shows a map of all the towns, with roads leading from each one to some of its neighbors. There are various colored regions around the board, most with one or two towns, and a large region with all the Bavarian towns in the center.

From a display of six city cards (or the top of the deck), you draw one or two cards each turn, add one or two to your route, and score for it if you're ready to score. The fact that you *must* add at least one city to your route each turn or lose the whole route gives the game an enjoyable planning element.


  • 1 game board
  • 80 wooden houses
  • 4 principal firm cards
  • 20 carriage cards
  • 66 city cards
  • 30 bonus tiles
  • 4 summary cards
  • 1 rule booklet

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2006 Spiel des Jahres - Winner