ManufacturerQueen Games
Ages8 and up.
# of Players2-4
Play Time45 Minutes

Via Appia

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Via Appia, the most famous road of the Roman Empire is under construction. Be a part of this historic event and finish the road that connects Rome and Brindisi. Prove your intuition in the quarry to get the best stones. Whoever builds the most valuable sections and reaches the different cities early will be victorious and the most famous builder in all of Rome.

Goal of the Game (from the Rules):
Rome needs a connection to Brundisium, and the players have been tasked with building the Via Appia in order to allow for fast travel between the two cities. To create the road, they’ll need to break off stone tiles in the quarry, then travel to Brundisium, laying out the tiles and creating the path that all will follow in the years ahead. This travel costs sesterces, but will bring crucial victory points and glory from Rome in return.

"This game should have been nominated for a Spiel Des Jahres." - Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)

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2014 GAMES Magazine Best Family Games